Friday, 25 December 2015

More curtains

When you repeat a design, it goes faster, and you improve all the time and may want to re-make the first attempt. But it still takes a couple of hours to make curtains with this technique

This is how the purple curtain turned out:

I have also tested it in the reception room:

Because, as I noted yesterday, I am suddenly not at all sure that the yellow curtain goes well with the reception room decoration. So I moved it tentatively to the dining room:

I think it looks much better here. I am not fixing any of the curtains permanently yet; I will be moving them around for a while, until I am fully satisfied.

However, I am sure that this curtain is in the right place:

Just as in 1:1 environment, once you have hung up a curtain you cannot imagine how it could ever not have been there. The room has a cosier and more natural look.

Now I have made three curtains with exactly the same technique - except that the green one has a fringed pelmet - and I guess I could go on and make fifteen more for the remaining windows, but I may also try a different approach. There is scope for imagination, as Anne of Green Gables says.

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