Saturday, 12 December 2015

Last floor

I have been postponing this floor as long as I could, but the time has come: I need to build the stairs and railing, and generally it's time to finish major work now that I have lights and all. The reason I have been postponing this project is that it is a lot of work, but it is good when you need a calm day with yourself. It is precision work that needs concentration.

When I started planning Womble Hall I knew that the floor in the upper hall would be the floor from my former art gallery. Most objects from the art gallery are now in Womble Hall, not just pictures and statues, but also fireplace. So the floor would be moved to upper hall. Obviously, it wouldn't be enough because in the art gallery it was a small surface. At that time, I wasn't sure I had the patience to make a whole floor like this. Now I am sure. For the hall, I needed to add quite a few squares.

This picture was taken a year ago - this is how long it took me to finish this floor. It soon became clear that I didn't have enough cheese boxes, but on the other hand, I had plenty of coffee stirrers that are much easier to work with, and reluctantly, I discarded the old floor and started anew.

Some time ago when I shared the project on Facebook someone asked me about the size of the squares. So here is for size. These squares are smaller than in the art gallery because I use coffee stirrers. 

I will not show step-by-step pictures because technically there is nothing special about it: just measure, cut, assemble the pattern, glue, repeat... again and again. It didn't literally take me a year, because I made many other things at the same time, but I estimate that it took me about 50 hours. I would make a row every now and then. But today I finished it!

Please agree that it was worth the trouble. There are still some small tasks I need to do before I glue together the railing, but I have assembled it temporarily, just to see what it looks like. I like what I see.

I will now be able to insert the side doors (if you have followed my blog you now how much I hate it), finish the walls and ceiling decoration, attach the chandelier, and so on. The lights make it much easier to work inside the rooms than with a lamp. And easier to take pictures.

I have almost run out of coffee stirrers - I bought a pack of thousand when I started with new floors in the house. This sets everything in perspective.