Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Further fun with curtains

You are probably tired of my curtains, but there are some new techniques I want to share. I tested the yellow curtain on the inside of the fronts and thought it looks great. So I decided to make two more yellow curtains. However, I wanted to improve them, and first I tried to make a valance after a pattern I found on pinterest. This is an excellent tutorial which I have saved for the future, but at the moment I felt it was a bit too sophisticated. But I utilised the idea by cutting a pattern from card, intending to cover it with fabric.

While I was rummaging through my big bag of lace and trim I found something that gave me a better idea. I had used this trim in my retro house, just as it is, but I saw immediately that it would go well with the yellow curtain.

While the assembly was drying, I went back to the green curtain. Nobody corrected me last time when I wrote that I made tassels. I didn't mean tassels, I meant tie-backs. But I wanted to have tassels for such grand curtains, and it was easy to add. I guess everyone knows how to make tassels, but if by chance you don't, here is how you do it.


And here is the green curtain, with tie-backs and tassels. I will now insert it back into the room, probably fixing permanently with strong velcro.

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