Sunday, 27 September 2015

Minor corrections

"Minor corrections" is a grade you can get when you are doing a PhD. It means that the thesis is generally acceptable, but there are some small things that need attention before the degree can be awarded. If I were doing a PhD in miniature-making (what a great idea!), my examiners would point out - as I did in my previous post - that the mantelpiece in the guest bedroom didn't look quite right and needed to be improved. Making a whole new chimney breast would be a "major correction", so instead I tore off the skirting board, cut it to measure and put on both sides of the mantelpiece. As I was doing it I realised that the fireplace needed a hearth. And a fireguard. So I made these. For the fireguard I used a piece of fine metal mesh the origin of which I have forgotten. I'd had it for ages hoping that one day it would come handy. And it did. It was blue so I painted it with copper paint.


In the master bedroom, I had a similar problem because I needed to cut the skirting around the fireplace. I hadn't done it wrong in the first place, so I didn't have to make minor corrections, but I learned from the other room. It was slightly more complicated because I had to cut the skirting board to fit the hearth. But it looks nice and neat.


Still better when I have put back the dressing table and the chair. Yes, it is a genuine Carin Backlund chair. Don't ask me how much I gave for it.  But the dressing table is a makeover from Poundland.

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