Thursday, 9 July 2015

Imaginative use of full-size wallpaper

I went to get more paint the other day and took home samples of embossed wallpaper. I have already used it for various purposes, from fireplaces to wall panels. This time I needed it to make mouldings on the inside of the fronts. I wanted paper rather than real mouldings so that the front doesn't get too heavy. And frankly, it's much easier. The right front was straightforward: just cut a strip and glue on. But you can imnediately see the difference.


The left front was a bit more complicated. For some reason, the large front doors came without inside surrounds. It said so on the package so it's wasn't a mistake. And you may remember that I had to massacre the front in order to get in the door, and it didn't look good after that. I thought I would make surrounds of dado rails, but again, it would make the front heavier, and... anyway, I just used the same wallpaper strip, and if you ask me, I would never notice it was fake.


You will have to imagine the floor that the man is just about to step on from the balcony. When the front is closed he will be stepping into the upper hall.

I haven't yet decided what I will have on the walls - probably pictures, mirrors, book shelves, sconces. And I haven't decided what kind of curtains I will have.

A side effect of my playing with embossed wallpaper was that I found exactly the kind of ornamental plastering I wanted on the outside. A tiny detail that adds a finishing touch and makes my house unique.


I now have to abandon the exterior for a while and go back to floors, panels, stairs and mouldings. But it feels good to have pretty fronts.

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