Thursday, 2 July 2015

Hutch cabinet

I have finished another Chippendale piece from my latest bargain, a hutch cabinet. I have stated repeatedly how much you learn from miniature-making. How else would I know what hutch means?

I haven't taken step by step pictures because it was very simple, except for hinges, but even those were relatively easy, thanks to excellent instructions. And after so many pieces I have made, I am no longer intimidated by teeny-tiny handle plates, keyhole plates and escutcheons (here is another useful word!). The drawer and the doors can obviously be opened.


I have deliberately not varnished this piece because I like its plain-wooden roughness. I haven't decided yet where it will go, possibly to one of the rear corridors where I can, for instance, put a clock on it.


I had a visitor recently who was utterly fascinated by my rear corridors. She was a theatre person!

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