Sunday, 25 January 2015

Walls and ceilings

This weekend I have been working very hard, and yet have little to show. I have been painting ceilings, decorating walls and putting in windows. Most of my progress looks like this:


This is the right side wall. I am wallpapering walls, and as soon as I have finished a room, I add a window, including glazing. Window frames are stubborn because they have swollen with paint and don't fit. It takes a lot of sanding - again. It isn't a glamourous job, but has to be done, so I do it one window at a time. Wallpapering isn't much of a challenge either, because it is carefully planned. However, it needs some engineering, as you can see in the picture, because there is a partition at the back, and I need to adjust the wallpaper and panels to the partition. Of course I also need to match the pattern and make sure I don't put a bit of wallpaper upside down (which I do every now and then, as we all do).

All my wallpaper comes from Jennifer's printies. It's a wonderful site, warmly recommended.

I explained earlier how I made panels for the entrance hall and the dining room. For the study, with the green striped wallpaper, I simply painted the lower part of the wall. There will be white dado rails and white skirting.

Actually, I made the ceiling for this room, although you cannot even see it is a ceiling:

It is gift wrap that I used for wallpaper in my old Victorian house. I had some left and was going to throw it away because I was sure I'd have no use for it anymore. See how wrong you can be! It is exactly the same shade of green as the wall panel, and it will be a grand ceiling. Very easy to make.

But I have now also made another really elaborate ceiling for the main reception room.

I found this very old picture frame that I had been saving ever since we moved to England. It is a bit unusual.

I haven't taken step-by-step pictures because it was very straitforward, and here is the result: 

I used the same paper tablecloth that I had used for the walls. Then I glued on a white rectangle and decorated it with mitred kebab sticks, painted gold. I considered painting the whole frame gold, but it didn't make much difference when I tested on a small area. I used a similar cream-cheese lid as I used for the first ceiling. And obviously I used the same technique: drilling a hole and using an awl to centre the whole construction. Again, I cannot test it with a chandelier, but I am very pleased.

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