Saturday, 17 January 2015

To the ground

I could not postpone it any longer. Sooner or later I must glue the house together, and it can just as well be sooner. We are not expecting any guests for a while, so I can occupy the dining room.

But before I can glue I must tear it down. To the ground. Or at least to the basement.

Have a good look now. It will probably be a couple of months before the house is back in this shape.

The back wall is already removed and so is the big staircase in the entrance hall.

This might have been a good time to make an inventory of all objects I have in the house, but I will probably do it as I bring them back. Right now they are all in a cabinet - that used to be the Victorian house. It doesn't look like a dollhouse. it looks like a very untidy dollhouse shop. Objects from fifteen rooms have been squeezed into two. Poor dolls! I should have made a temporary Bed & Breakfast for them. But I have given away the Georgian house, and these is no room in any of the two other houses I still have.

With every object removed, I was back to square one, five months ago. Not quite though. There are floors, there are fireplaces, some walls are painted, some have wallpapers, there are some doors.

But I will have to remove them all as well.


At this point I had to wake up my husband from his well-deserved afternoon nap and ask for assistance. I also wondered how I had managed to assemble it five months ago, without assistance. Maybe I would have managed now, but I didn't want to run a risk of the whole structure tumbling down.

What is left is this: 


And a pile of walls and floors. I was clever and marked all walls that hadn't already been painted or papered, and I marked all ceilings to know in which room they belonged.

It feels weird, and the room looks much bigger.

What I will do now before I start re-assembling and glueing is, firstly, paint and decorate all ceilings. I haven't yet decided exactly what decorations I will use, but I have some ideas, and all ceilings will be decorated, Secondly, I will finish as much as possible of all interior walls, because I had arrived at a point when everytning would be much easier on flat surfaces. When that is done, I will put in all windows and most of the doors, because it's also much easier.

Then I will re-assemble the house in correct order. Because I have finally received instructions.


  1. Yay! for the instructions, but, do you really need them? You did so well without xx

  2. I found them helpful to know in what order to glue. It makes perfect sense, but I did it differently for the temporary assembly because I wanted the back wall off to have easy access to walls. For the permanent assembly, back wall must go in first.