Monday, 8 September 2014

Testing interior decoration: study

For the study - or gentlemen's smoking room - I want to use the same wallpaper I used in the Georgian house because it goes well with mahogny furniture - and because I like it. However, I wanted to add some more interesting features so I tried to make a wall panel with a rail.

Now, everything is provisional. The house itself isn't even assembled properly yet. The ceiling is just primed. Everything is fixed with white tack. The wallpaper is low-resolution printout. I keep moving skirting boards around, and the door is from another house. The floor is plain paper. The window is not painted. And still you can get a general idea. I like the partition with an arch opening in this room. It creates a sense of space and a bit of mystery: what is hidden there in the corridor?

I have moved furniture around. I had not planned to have the green sofa in this room at all, but suddenly it seems the right place for it. I can have matching curtains. But I am sure it will change again and again. I only know for sure that the tile stove will be in this corner.

After I have done it, I took three steps back and noticed that two rooms on top of each other have similar colour and pattern.This is where planning a dollhouse is different from planning a 1:1 house. In real scale, you cannot see two storeys at the same time. Do you think it matters? I must just make sure that the adjacent rooms are radically different.

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