Sunday, 21 September 2014

Playing with colours

In my planning, I have now come to the entrance hall and upper hall. You need a lot of imagination to see what these rooms may look like when finished, because the most prominent feature is the central staircase, and obviously I cannot put it in before everything else is in place. But I still wanted to test possible wall decoration, and I painted the upper hall with yellow tester paint. It turned out to be a very small tester, and it was only enough for one coat. Still, you can see the room emerging.

I started paiting the interior walls, which was very awkward, so I removed the back wall to paint it. While I was at it, I tested walls on other rooms. Upper right and lower middle are walls in rear corridors, and I am not at all sure yet what colours they will be.

I also painted the back partition in the entrance hall, using another tester. Again, not sure it is right, but will look at it for a couple of days. I like the colour, but not sure about the panel. The staircase rails and the double doors will be dark, so I believe light panels will be best. (Try to imagine the staircase in its magnificence). The floor is obviously unfinished. It comes from the Victorian house where it was built around a staircase. Because of the floor pattern I really believe the walls should be light.

The upper hall will have railing, but so far I like the colour, even if it's unfinished. With cornices and skirting it will look good.

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