Sunday, 2 March 2014

Half-scale house

For some time I have been thinking about an interesting way of displaying my Avon miniatures and other half-scale stuff. I have tried to divide a standard roombox into four compartments, and I have tried to build something with cardboard, but it didn't really work. So I have these three small rooms, one a wine box, one a cheese box and one just a cardboard box. It looks untidy and unfinished. Today, as I was rummaging in the garage, I found an old bathroom cabinet that we had intended to throw away five years ago when we renovated the bathroom. And suddenly I saw a possibility. I took it inside, cleaned it from cobwebs and tried to put in some furniture, just to see whether the scale was right.

I thought it probably was, and I experimented with some odd bits of wallpaper I had, to see whether it made a difference. It did. 

I started thinking about floors and wallpaper, but my printer had chosen this day to strike, which significantly limited my choice. Therefore I merely moved the study from the wine box into the upper floor of the new house. 

I coudn't do much more with the malfunctioning printer so I made a half-scale four-poster bed.

I used the same instructions as with my very first bed, only half the size. It was both easier and not. It was easier because I knew how to do it and knew some shortcuts. But everything in half scale is more difficult because it is snaller. I cheated a bit and used paper rather than fabric for the headboard and the canopy. I glued the lace onto the paper, but you cannot tell it, can you? Even the bedding is paper. 

So here is the beginning of the half-scale house. 

There are shallow shelves in the cabinet door, but enough to make some half-flat rooms. On the outside, there is a mirror, but I will make a proper facade, with a front door and windows. This will be an interesting and challenging project. Come back soon.

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