Saturday, 8 March 2014

Half-scale development

I am going on with the half-scale house, and I have now put wallpaper in most of the rooms. The floors are tentative, and the bedroom floor needs to be replaced (the cardboard has bent, so the whole room is lopsided). The table in the future dining room is wrong scale, but I put it in because the room does not look natural otherwise. The same about the adjacent room which I am not sure yet what it will be.

On the inside of the cabinet door, I have made a fake entrance door, and I wll also make two fake windows. The two shelves above will be bathroom and attic.

I am excited about this project: it is becoming so much more than just displaying existing miniatures. Because I have given away the plastic house and Helen Hall, I can use some of the same wallpaper and flooring. And I know how to print them in half scale.

I will not get another half-scale furniture kit because I wasn't satisfied with it, but I will make some furniture myself now that I have better skills.

Come back soon.

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