Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Half-scale fireplace

The fireplace I had in my old half-scale study roombox, now moved into the new half-scale house, was rather primitive, but I didn't have a chance to do anything about it until now. As I was rummaging through my useful rubbish I found the last few half-scale kits that I never thought I would want to use again. But among them was a fireplace, and I thought that with my recent furniture-making skills I might be able to turn it into something nice. I had nothing to lose. So I assembled it.

 Like the other furniture from this set, it looked crude. But it was a nice shape - it just needed some trimming. I glued bits of embossed 1:1 wallpaper onto the front, to imitate marble carving. I used some marble paper on the top, painted everything white, except the back wall of course, that I painted black. I made the fire from bits of yarn. The fireguard is a clothes hook. Unlike the old one, this fireplace has depth and therefore looks more natural.

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