Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Catching up - again

I haven't been very good at sharing projects recently. Frankly, I haven't been good at doing projects. I could come up with zillions of excuses, but I won't. Let's just say it hasn't happened.

But now I have a quiet (well-deserved) holiday period in front of me, and I will make sure I catch up both on making and sharing.

I have discovered that I never finished my grand tour of Womble Hall and that the last post was from February - that's almost a year ago! I will continue, because there is still so much to show.

I haven't shared my most recent Chippendale miniatures, although I did share them on Facebook, but without detailed comment. I have bought some interesting things too.

My plans for this holiday season is to fix all the small things in Womble Hall. Like any property, it has to be maintained. Some things need repair, some things I never got round to doing at all, some things I have since then learned to do better.

In addition, I need to have some creative chaos in the house. It looks too neat and new. Aging furniture, spilling some coffee, breaking some plates, filling sinks and bathtubs with water. Finding place for all objects I still haven't put in. I also need to fill all drawers with objects.  Hidden treasures, letters, diaries, wills... Tools, kitchen utensils, linen. That's what drawers are for.

Some dolls need new clothes.

I also plan to make things. Lots of things. So far I have mostly made things for particular projects. I have saved lots of rubbish... I mean, valuable supplies for later, and I want to make many things now, whether they fit into projects or not. Just pull out all boxes and tins and see what I can make

I want to make food. I have just bought a set of fruity nail art. Looking forward to playing with it.

So you can expect to hear from me in the near future. Meanwhile, just as a teaser, yet another Adam piece (which I will present properly soon)

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