Saturday, 2 April 2016

More curtains

Curtain time again! I have fourteen front windows, and this is a very good occasion to decorate the inside of the fronts to create a sense of more rooms. So far, I only have yellow curtains on one wall, matching the one in the dining room. 

I will not show the technique because as was exactly the same as last time, and you can also see some other curtains I made. It was a while ago, and I didn't remember how I made them so I had to read my own instructions. I used a 50p silk scarf from a thrift shop. I pleated the main curtains, and I made very straightforward pelmets. For tie-backs I used ribbons from my stash. As with the other curtains, I used velcro-type picture hanging to attach the curtains to the wall.

I put a mirror between the curtains, and I will probably add wall sconces,  but because the wallpaper is patterned I will perhaps not hang any pictures or other ornaments - it won't look good. But on the green wall I will definitely add pictures.

This is what the front looks from the outside:

On the opposite front, I didn't want to have heavy curtains on the upper floor, and I also wanted more space for pictures, so I made fake roll-ups from a length of lacy border. I thought I would have the same curtains for all four windows, otherwise it would be to much. On the floors below, there are only two windows and a door.

It looks nice from the outside:

I took this picture before I added ivy.

Now all the remaining windows look bare. I will need to make more curtains. Come back soon.

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