Sunday, 21 February 2016

Front stairs

As promised in the previous post, I have now moved on to front stairs. I tested them about six months ago, stated that it didn't work and switched my attention to something else. When I tried last weekend, it didn't work either, but this time I was determined to manage it, so I did what I always do when I am desperate: asked my Facebook group. I posted this picture and asked: why doesn't it fit?


Guess what? I am glad I asked. The answer was: you have put it upside down! Grrr.... That was easy.

The reason it could happen was that I had tried to be clever. Six months ago I painted the stairs the same colour as the basement, but of course it was tremendously boring.


This would never do for a front staircase in a fine mansion, would it? So I had to improve it in the same manner I had improved the interior stairs, by adding separate steps cut from craft sticks.


However, I wanted stone effect on the steps, so I went back to the idea of shelf lining. Here you see the process step by step - literally.

And you can see the difference. 

This is how far I got six months ago. And I put the steps on the wrong side - that's why the stairs didn't fit the arch. Luckily, the steps weren't glued yet.

I had to repaint the stairs in a lighter shade of gray, to match the steps. 

Then came the boring part. More railing to sand. You may ask, if I want profiled spindles why don't I build my own railing, with individual spindles? The answer is, I am not ready yet. I remember my struggle with the stairs in the rear corridor - I can never get it straight. Maybe some time later. 

But I still want my spindles smooth and rounded, and it takes a lot of time. Sand, paint, sand a bit more, paint, paint. As you see, I am using baking paper for painting.  

 Rails and newel posts - although I won't need them yet for a while.

Finally, one part of  the railing finished to my satisfaction - almost - and can be glued onto the stairs.


I use wood glue which is very good, but you need patience before it dries.

I am showing all this because when you eventually see the whole assembly it will look easy. But this far, it has taken me two days. Held together by tack and masking tape, it gives you a general idea.

To be continued (next weekend).

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