Sunday, 7 February 2016

Adam ceiling: reception room

I really thought I was done with ceilings, but of course once you have started any other ceiling just doesn't look right.

If you haven't seen my Adam ceilings, have a look at dining room, the gentlemen's smoking room, the drawing room, the grand hall, the upper hall, corridor and guest bedroom, nursery and servants' room.

The reception room has a magnificent ceiling that I am very proud of.  And yet, with all other Adam ceilings, the white border around the centerpiece doesn't look magnificent anymore.

Of course there is no way I can tear down the centerpiece. Moreover, because I was hundred percent sure I would not add any detail I had attached wooden coving. So now I had to build the ceiling around it. With all my previous ceiling training, I knew how to do it. 


It is just a matter of precision. And patience. And more patience. Once again, I wish I had this paper a year ago when I was decorating the ceilings on flat surfaces. But - it wasn't available then, and it is solely my decision to make these ceilings. Whatever you say, my house is absolutely unique.

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