Wednesday, 20 January 2016

More Chippendale furniture

This past weekend I also made some more Chippendale miniatures. I have already shown a lyre back chair, and I have now made four of these.

Just as I predicted, the moment I put these into the room, the old ones felt wrong. So they are now moved to storage for another project, some time in the future. Or perhaps for sale or swap. Likewise, the old side table is out, and the new Hepplewhite side table has replaced it. It is incredible what a difference it makes.

I have further made a shelf.


It is very elegant, and it will be filled with books, but I have no idea how to hang it. I want to have it on the inside of fronts, mostly because I am running out of space for furniture. I will try to mount it with velcro, like I did with curtains.

Last but not least, I made a lowboy. I didn't know what a lowboy was before I started making these kits, so once again, this hobby is highly educational.

The up-done chests from Poundland in the background now feel completely wrong so I am looking forward to making more Chippendale pieces. Come back soon.


  1. Have you noticed the HOM box top for the lowboy? I think right above the lowboy is hung your shelves. Perfect.

  2. Yes, but how do you ATTACH the shelf to the wall?

  3. I have just discovered your blog, but I have spent hours reading all of your old posts. I am in awe of your talent and can only hope to achieve something a portion as beautiful as your work.

  4. Thank you, very kind of you. I only started nine years ago and had no self-confidence at all - but you know it if you have read my blog. Just do it and enjoy.

  5. I have also just started reading your blog and think the things you have done are amazing