Saturday, 17 October 2015

Music room

I was in total shock when I finally got to finishing the music room, which is to the right on the ground floor. I knew that the wallpaper wasn't quite fixed and that the wall panels didn't quite fit, but I had been postponing this project because I knew it would be difficult. I didn't know how difficult. My greatest revelation was that I made those wall panels exactly A YEAR AGO! No floor, bare walls. It is a good indication of how slowly things move on. So much has happened in this room since. I wallpapered the walls, and I made a magnificent ceiling, all on flat surfaces. I inserted the window. But when I assembled the house, somehow this room escaped my attention. I put in the old herringbone floor, the very first hardwood floor I made seven years ago. I had to cut off a bit because the old room was larger. Then I leaned the wall panels onto the walls, filled the room with objects and pretended it was finished. The objects went in and out as I moved the house around recently.

But I couldn't postpone it forever, and once again, I removed the objects, the floor, the panels and the fireplace surround. Which left me with a sorry sight.


Well, the wallpaper looks good if you don't notice that it isn't properly glued in the corners. The ceiling looks great, and I am proud of my chandelier. But apart from these, it was more or less start from scratch.

I glued the wallpaper in the corners, which was easy, but when I started attaching the panels it turned out that they were on both sides an inch too long, and I am glad I then started checking every detail, because the floor turned out to be half an inch too deep (the front wouldn't close), and also I obviously needed to insert the door before putting in the panels. You may remember that doors are my particular enemies. This one was especially evil until I remembered that I had the same problem with the opposite door: the surrounds were slightly too large. Bold as I am now, I trimmed them with my precious mitre scissors. I had decided to paint the sourrounds dark brown to match the panels, and I also gave them a coat of mahogny stain. I think it looks better than white ssurrounds that would have stood out too much. When I had glued in the door I discovered that it wouldn't open and had to sand down the floor. Believe me or not, it was an improvement, so I will sand and then re-varnish the rest.

I then trimmed the panels. In both cases, I had to redo one square on each side, making them more narrow, but I don't think anyone would guess. I also made neater sides on the fireplace. 

Meanwhile, I put back the objects, made a fire in the fireplace and switched on the ceiling light. I thought it was good.


Apart from sanding the floor, the remaining touches in this room will be: 1) curtains. I haven't decided yet how I will make them 2) pictures on the walls, on both sides of the fireplace and on the side walls. Ancient pictures in heavy gold frames 3) coving. I haven't decided whether it will be white or dark, and whether I will use wooden moulding or paper. I am also considering painting the ceiling, but perhaps it will be too dark. But anyway, another room presentable.

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