Sunday, 18 October 2015

Drawing room

The last time I showed the ladies' drawing room was when I had just assembled the second floor of the house, more than half a year ago. Since then I have moved the floor from the entrance hall to the drawing room, and I have also shown the antique mirror over the mantelpiece (you need to scroll down the post to see it). 

The trouble with the floor was that it wasn't deep enough for this room, and before I moved on, I now had to add about two inches at the back. Thus: remove all objects and take out the floor.


It feels strange to see bare floors again, as if going back to the very, very beginning. 

It had been a while since I made floors, and I had forgotten how boring it was. However, I used the new technique I developed when I made the entrance floor: glueing coffee stirrers onto a piece of paper before cutting them. It went quicker, and because the new bit is in the back it does not matter that the colour doesn't quite match. You cannot see the difference, can you?

Then came skirting, and once again I realised that I couldn't finish skirting before inserting the door, and I cannot insert the door before I finish the floor in the adjacent room, and it will take some time. Therefore I only added skirting on the left and in the back, but it shows how neat it will be when everything is in place.


Then I put back all the objects.

Seemingly, it is the same picture as half a year ago, but a lot of improvement has taken place, as you can clearly see if you look carefully. There is still the door to be inserted and the skirting fixed, but apart from this, here is another room finished. More paintings here as well; maybe wall sconces, perhaps a couple of side tables. The flower pot should obviously not be on the tea table. I like the way this room has turned out.

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