Thursday, 7 August 2014

Testing colours

I will not describe every piece I have sealed and primed: this will be a neverending story. I sealed one window today, just to test.

Let's say it takes me half an hour to paint this window with one coat of paint. It's a low estimate, I believe it's more (will take time with the next one) because it is a very delicate job. Prime, sand, prime again, first coat, second coat... Let's say roughly four hours per window. There are twenty-eight windows in this house (basement not counted). Simple maths. When I made windows for my modern house, there were just nineteen, and they didn't have to be primed. (They had to be cut to measure instead). I don't remember how long it took, but I know it was many evenings. But I am not in a hurry. I still haven't received assembly instructions.

What I did today was test the facade colour. Yesterday I bought a tester, which miraculously was just about enough for two coats, although I may have to paint another one.

I painted the ground floor with sandstone paint. I thought the pattern looked stony. The pictures of Downton Manor on the web are all the same. I suppose people who have made this house don't call it Downton. I will call it something else when the house reveals its true name to me. If you are reading this and have, or know of, other pictures, please share. But even if I am building from kit I want my house to be unique. That's what it looks like after I painted on top of the sandstone. The paint is deliberately uneven. When it was even it didn't look natural.

I painted outdoors, on the garden table. I used two pieces of hard foam to hold the frame. One site that I have read recommended to put painted pieces on spagetti while drying. It may seem a good idea, but I believe it is unethical to use food for anything other than eating. 

I am pleased with my achievement today. It's not a lot, but it feels a good start.


  1. The real Downton Manor is called Highclere Castle, but reading again I think you man the name of the dolls house... I think

  2. The stone work came out very authentic looking. I like it!