Thursday, 7 August 2014

Planning the house

I am sure experienced dollhouse makers will laugh and say: Of course, everyone knows it! But I have come up with this idea myself. The thing is that my new house will eventually replace several of my existing projects: the Victorian house, the Georgian house and a couple of room boxes. Which means that it requires very careful planning. I believe that there will be enough rooms for all the zillions of things I have. But because I already have all these things I need to make rooms to accomodate the things. Normally it would be the other way round.

What it means is that I need to decide, for instance, where in the new house the dining room will be (for the Hepplewhite table), what kind of floor I want in this room and what kind of wallpaper. I will most probably have the same floor and paper as in the Georgian house, for after all I once chose both carefully for this room. It will be more difficult merging drawing rooms, while separating the Victorian drawing room from the Victorian study. I have two bedrooms and two four-poster beds. You see the problem.

The good news is that, since I gave away Helen Hall, I can use the same floors and paper. On the other hand, I really want to use some of the floors from the Victorian house.

Anyway, although it will probably be months before I get there, I need to plan the interior carefully. I have drawn several plans, but I don't find them helpful. Therefore I have made a 3D model.

It is of course clumsy because I just took a cardboard box and put in cardboard walls and floors. By mere serendipity, the model is more or less half-scale, therefore I can use my half-scale furniture to test. I can also print floors and wallpaper in half-scale. And experiment.

I am sure there is clever software for this, just as there is for 1:1 planning.

The three floors are the middle of the house. There is also a basement, where I will have the kitchen and the scullery, and an attic with six small rooms: nursery, servants' rooms. These will be easier to plan when I have done everything else.

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