Thursday, 19 December 2013

Funkis bathroom

For some reason, I started the renovation of the funkis house with the bathroom. In fact, the ground floor of the house will be a shop. The yarn shop. It will fit in perfectly. And the little space by the stairs will be a bathroom, for the customers and the shop owner. It could be a pentry or a storeroom, but I just felt it had to be a bathroom, and after all, it's my project, and I can do whatever I want.

I chose tile wallpaper from my favourite printie site, and I photocopied black-and-white chequered floor that I had used for Helen Hall that is now gone, so it's ok to use the same pattern. After Helen Hall where I could easily dismantle the walls and put in wallpaper before I assembled them again, here I had to work in awkward spaces. But I am very pleased with the result. The toilet and the washbasin are from ebay (cheap, for the toilet seat and one tap are missing), and the mirror is from a Barbie house and had been used elsewhere all this time.

Of course I must put in a wall and a door (with a sign), and of course there will be more details: a towel rack, a shelf, a potted plant. So please come back soon.


  1. Since this is in a shop, I hope you realise there are some legal issues at stake here. Is it an accessible toilet? Have you got Health & Safety signs in case there's a water spillage? How often is it cleaned? Will you hand out customer satisfaction survey to all the dolls?

  2. Thank you for bringing all these important issues to my attention. It is so much like discussing fiction in which accessibility and health and safety regulations would spoil the story. That said, it's a 1930s environment so introducing customer satisfaction forms would be anachronistic.