Sunday, 22 December 2013

Funkis bathroom, part 2

My initial intention was to put in a wall with a door in the bathroom. As I was considering how best to do it I realised that I was planning to re-introduce the famous fourth wall, which makes it possible to look into the miniature world. Was I going to seal off the room, especially when I was so proud with my renovation work, including the details?

I am not quite happy with the toilet seat and will probably make a better one. The toilet paper holder comes from an ebay lot, but I have borrowed my own idea for a towel rack from a different project. It is a cooking-oil bottle cap. The rubbish bin is a paint container, and the toilet brush is a makeup brush. The shelf is recycled from another project. Anyway, I really like this room and don't want to hide it behind a wall.

This is a trial, but I have decided to have a door frame without a wall. It is bluetacked so far, not very neat.

Use your imagination and see the non-existant wall. The people of the house can use the bathroom without being disturbed. After all, I don't have fourth walls in my other bathrooms. The frame is a left-over from another project, and there is no door to come with it. I made a door to fit the frame with the same technique I used in the Georgian house.

What bothers me now is that you cannot see my pretty towel rack. And I am not sure this works. Maybe you can imagine both the wall and the door? What do you think?

By the way, for lighting I used a led spot of the same kind I used for my Dutch roombox. I just fixed it with bluetack to take pictures, but actually I think I may leave it there. It gives a nice, strong, but aoft light, filtered through baking paper. A dollhouse led light would be far too dim.

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