Friday, 28 June 2013

Plastic house makeover, part 3

One I had figured out how to do the windows, it wasn't a huge challenge to do the same in other rooms. For bedroom wallpaper I used Japanese handmade paper that I photocopied. The wooden floor is a printie.

The challende of this room, however, was the outer wall with a half-circle floor that folds into the room. I don't quite see the point of this construction, especially the circular shelf that I haven't yet decided what to do about. But this wall required some work. The picture below shows, once again, what a huge difference it makes.

I could not do anything about the corner because it has hinges. And I haven't yet decided whether I want to put back the blue clothes hanger, and generally I am not sure what to do with this wall. I have tried to put a small wardrobe on the shelf, but because the shelf it circular it doesn't look tidy. I am sure I will think of something interesting. Meanwhile I must make a bed.

This is what the upper floor looks like now - and what a contrast with the ground floor!

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