Friday, 3 May 2013

Kitchen chimney

I like to recycle and think of interesting and original ways of using rubbish. I had been saving bits of hard foam (from some electronic appliance), trying to think of this and that, and most of all I wanted to make a kitchen chimney. Miniature makers usually make chimneys of floral oasis, which is easy to cut to the shape you need. I have a large oasis cube bought for this purpose, and yet I had these bits of foam on my mind.

It is an interesting shape, and I wanted to use it somehow. So I took measurements based on the size of the room it was going to be in, as well as an old stove I wasn't particularly fond of (got it with a lot), just to see how it would fit. The foam wasn't easy to cut, and it crumbled horribly.

I used toothpicks to hold the pieces together, because it was pointless even trying to glue them.

Then I painted it with sand paint. It gives nice, uneven surface.

Then I painted it white. I also repainted the old stove and added some details, so I now find it quite nice.

I am very pleased that I managed to use all the interesting features of the foam. The large pot lids are made from champagne caps, and the small are buttons.

You may have noticed that the stove is in a room that I haven't yet described. I will do it in the next post.

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