Saturday, 4 May 2013

A Swedish kitchen, continued

One day I bought a large lot from eBay. When you buy a lot there are some things you want and some things you are not specifically interested in, but which may turn out useful. Frankly, I don't even remember now what I really wanted - possibly, nothing in particular, it was just a great bargain. I can do a separate post on this, just to show where different things go when you buy a lot.

When I contemplated the treasure it struck me that at least some of the things would go well with Lina's sofa. So I fetched an empty box from the garage and put some things tentatively in it.

The made-in-China table and chairs are of course not quite right. Or simply very wrong. There have never been tables and chairs like this in Sweden. But I thought it would go for a start. The whole environment was simply to display Lina's sofa (that's a miniaturist's way of reasoning). I fixed wallpaper and painted the window white.

One detail that a Swede would recognise is the famous painting: Gate penny, a copy of which would be found in many Swedish homes. If Google can translate it decently, the story is quite fascinating.

The stove hidden behind the doll is wrong scale, so it was my intention from the beginning to make a proper one, which I eventually did.

However, for a long time, the box stood in my bookshelf and looked at me with remorse. You see that the doll is going to let the bread fall. She has given up.

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