Thursday, 1 August 2013

More replacements

I have replaced another piece in my Victorian house. Among the many things from the flea market there was a plastic coffee table, not particularly pretty, but I thought I would decorate it with egg-shell mosaic. I saved egg shells, painted them in two shades of gold, and while they were drying, I took the plastic table to see how it would fit in the room. Frankly, the room is rather crammed already, so another table would probably be too much. And then I suddenly saw the coffee table I made all the way back five and a half years ago when I was taking my very first steps as a miniature maker. I was very proud of myself then, because I had either pinched from somewhere or discovered myself that chess pieces came handy. But it was then. Today, I see how clumsy the table is:

There simply aren't tables like that. And I realised that I didn't have to bother about mosaic; that the plastic table would be just fine. Don't you think?

Then I put in the display cabinet from the same flea market round. The displayed objects are too large, but it will have to be so for a while. 

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