Saturday, 24 August 2013

Clockmaker's shop

Some time ago, after I had watched Hugo Cabret, I decided that I wanted a clockmaker's room box, with a touch of fantasy and steampunk. This coincided with my momentary interest in steampunk jewellery, of which I only made two pieces.

I butchered a couple of old clocks and a broken scanner, yielding a handful of plastic cogwheels which I didn't quite know what to do with. I took an empty wine box and put some random objects in it, including various wall clocks that I had made when I was practicing wall clock-making, as well as a couple of clocks from other houses and boxes. Then I stopped because I couldn't decide on the interior. What kind of floor, wallpaper and ceiling would a steampunk clockmaker have, and what wallpaper would be good for displaying the clocks? I searched the web for images.

Meanwhile, I got some more clocks at flea markets, adding to the room unsystematically. I also got distracted by other projects. Yet the other day I felt that I was ready to start. Reasonably, I started with the ceiling, painting it dark brown and adding beams. I fixed the lamp under the central beam.

The lamp, by the way, is made from a caviar tube. I made it a while ago and so far hadn't used it. The bulb is an eyedrop container, and for the room box I used binding wire.

The floors and wallpaper are printies. It took me ages to decide on the right combination, but I think the wallpaper is perfect for this project. 

Then I just put back everything that I had. 

I will show and explain the details in the next post.

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