Friday, 9 August 2013

Making a fancy door

The entrance door in the Georgian house is non-standard, so there is no point in trying to buy anything that would fit. I had painted it brown on the outside, following the descriptions in dollhouse books, but on the inside I wanted something more interesting than plain white. I once made doors in my Victorian house, but it was long ago when I was just starting my life as a miniture-maker and didn't have enough materials, tools, experience and imagination. Nevertheless, I studied those old doors and thought I would paste some wooden strips on the door for depth effect. And then I had an idea. I am sure I had seen it somewhere.

I cut three frames with increasingly larger opening, from plain white card, recycling last year's student handbook.

Then I pasted them upon each other and added the internal panels with three layers of card. I used an envelope clip for door handle.

Here it is in the interior. I think it is one of my most beautiful creations. Now I must finish the bow window and make the door posts.

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