Sunday, 5 April 2020

Locking the door

When I finished repairing the front door, I knew that I still had a challenge to face.

The door opens inside. I have two wild beasts who are curious about what is going on in this box that I of course put there exclusively for their pleasure. They have no problems pushing the door open, and it is incredible that a large tom cat can squeeze through this tiny door. But he can, and has done so on several occasions. Now that I have restored the interior I don't want it to be ruined again by a naughty feline.

So I must think of a way to lock the door from the inside.

A hook like the one I used for the fronts is far too large for this delicate door. But I don't think there are locks available in this size either. After long contemplation of various options I decided on a simple bar. It is not historically correct, but for once I need to consider practical details rather than authenticity.

For brackets, I used the metal-enforced tape that they fasten paper bags. Cut small bits and bent into shape. Glued with the strongest glue I have.

Again, I admit that it doesn't look authentic, but I need to protect the house from invasion of monsters.

If I can think of a better solution later I can remove it. But for now it's just what I need, and I don't have to put a piece of cardboard in front of the door.


  1. Ah the age old question, how to prevent cat incursion. I think it's a good solution until you can find a better one.