Saturday, 2 September 2017

Pride and Prejudice room box, part 3

Read part 1 and part 2 of this story.

It has taken me some time to finish this room box. First I was away on holiday, then I had to do all the urgent tasks that had accumulated while I was away, and also this is gardening season rather than miniature season. But if I am to display it at our workshop, I'd rather hurry.

The next step was to make the floor, and I wanted to make something interesting that I had never made before. I spent considerable time on the web, and let me tell you, Regency floors were really boring! In the choice between period-correct but boring and not-quite-period-correct but interesting I chose the latter.


Since the room box is shallow, I only needed a relatively small surface. Still, it is a lot of work. I haven't kept track, but it took me several evenings, maybe ten-twelve hours of work. Mitre shears is my best friend. I stained the coffee stirrers with three different stains, also trying to emphasise the natural grain.

If you have seen my other floors, for instance, this or this or this or this, you know that I make them because I enjoy doing it. I remember a comments some time ago: "If you do this or that, it will be much quicker". But I don't want it quicker. Slow pace is the main attraction of miniature-making.

Anyway, it took the time it took.

If you look closely, I haven't done it properly since it is crooked, but most people won't notice because they will be in awe, and you won't tell, will you? The tiny corners was the most challenging part. Sanding the floor smooth took a long time. I used real teak oil rather than hobby varnish, and I like the result.

I considered wooden skirting, but decided against it: too much complicated mitring. So I used the ubiquitous wallpaper, and whatever faults there are, they will be hidden behind the furniture.

The final task was to hang the chandelier, and I am by now quite good at it. I used a scrapbooking frame once again for ceiling rose.

So, here it is. Do you think the workshop participants will be impressed?


  1. another brilliant job on the flooring. Actually the whole room looks perfect.

  2. All anyone is going to notice is a beautifully designed and executed period room box finished with much skill and love. Great work! It's turned out really lovely!

  3. Hello, Maria! I'm your new follower. Pride and Prejudice are such an inspiring topic! The room is beautiful. Hugs, Julia
    PS Позволю себе уточнить не русскоязычная ли вы?

  4. Replies
    1. Спасибо! Вам будет удобно если я буду комментировать на русском?

  5. I've just discovered your blog and I love it. At last someone who would understand why I have so many drawers and boxes crammed full with "stuff" that to most people would be rubbish. I collect the wooden coffee stirrers that some cafes hand out; I knew they would make flooring or furniture, so I just need to get down to it. Thank you. I feel really inspired