Sunday, 2 July 2017

Small things

Before I continue with my Pride and Prejudice room box, I will show some small recent projects, in no particular order.

For instance, I have finally ventured making baskets from string. Messy, but I am quite pleased with the result.

I attended two courses in (full-scale) book binding, and as a side effect, I have now made a couple dozen miniature books according to all rules, with proper sewing, endpapers and quarter binding. After I have made these, I cannot tolerate the old fake books in my bookcases so I have estimated that I will need to make about a hundred books. The pages are cut from a French phrase book (because the paper is thin) so you can actually read them.

I made a coffee pot from bottle caps and wire.

For at least a week, I got obsessed with wooden crates. For bottoms and ends I used cheese boxes, sometimes with markings preserved, and for sides, coffee stirrers. I aged the crates with two layers of paint, the second quickly wiped off. In the left picture you can also see a milk canister, of which I made several, using eye-drop bottles, buttons and wire.

A miniature friend gave me a handful of metal thingies used to make fabric buttons. This kept me busy for a while and will go on.

A set of kitchen knives, blades cut from steady tin foil (of the kind you find on wine bottles).

One rainy day I made up my mind firmly to make a fish tank. It took many hours, but I am pleased. The tank is a plastic jewellery box with side ends open. I printed out the background, adding all kinds of tiny plants, and the fish are also printouts. They are suspended by tiny strips of transparent plastic. The see urchin is real, just cut down to size.

A lamp made from a golf peg and a bottle cap. Almost too simple to boast of.

A cake stand made of pizza holders. I never eat pizza so these were a gift from someone who knows I collect rubbish.

 I am sure I have missed some, so I will add another post soon. Come back!


  1. I love that you wrote "these are a gift from someone who knows I collect rubbish". LOL! <3

  2. love all your creations especially the kitchen items made out of the 'metal button thingies'. How did you make the green artichokes in the wooden crate?

  3. The artichokes are dried cornflower heads painted green.

  4. Since I collect rubbish too, I am IMPRESSED with what you have created with yours. The fancy cake stand from pizza protectors is brilliant! :D