Friday, 19 August 2016

More candle stands

I have two more kits with Chippendale candle stands, and they are useful for various purposes. This is a quick project so I made a set when I just had a bit of time. However, I decided that I wanted two for the bathroom. I made a dressing table for the bathroom some time ago, and I thought that I would replace two pedestals I had since time immemorial, made from small candlesticks turned upside down. This is a big problem: the more elegant Chippendale furniture I add to the house, the more everything else starts looking crude and out of place. So I thought two elegant candle stands for the bathroom would be fine, to hold flowers or other items.

Of course I wanted a worn-out look so I used the same technique I discovered by serendipity when I made the table: stain first, paint on top of stain and then scratch the paint a bit.

They fit nicely in the bathroom. (Some objects have been removed for a better view).

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