Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Duncan Phyfe window seat

This is an interesting and unusual item.

I don't think I would have discovered it if it hadn't been a part of the House of Miniatures collection. I didn't know anything about Duncan Phyfe, but haven't I stated repeatedly how educational miniature-making is?

I have a full-scale bench that is very similar, but I don't think it is a Duncan Phyfe. It's very old though, with a lovely Morris fabric.

This project was another weekend challenge with some people from my wonderful Facebook group. I so much enjoy making the same item at the same time (with some shifts because of time zones). Sharing experience and mistakes. 

I won't show the step-by-step pictures because it was just a matter of patience when the legs and the splats wouldn't stay, and I am still not quite happy withe the cushion - I may have to do it all over again. But - here it is:


I used the same fabric I had used for the cabriole leg chairs, the day bed and the corner chair (which I apparently haven't shared here) as they will all be in the same room:

If you have been following my blog you may notice that there is a new doll in the ball room. I have tried several dolls in this room, and they felt wrong. But this pretty lady is perfect, isn't she?

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