Sunday, 1 May 2016

So you thought you were finished, eh?

I have been so busy making Chippendale  kit miniatures - cupboardchest, kitchen cabinet - that I have neglected the large project.  I knew there were some small things that needed attention. For instance, there was a tiny piece of moulding missing on the outside:

I am sure I had some thought when I left this bit out, but it had to be done, and it took me ages to find the right moulding.

I also finally glued on the "plaster" ornaments, cut from embossed 1:1 wallpaper. It only took me a couple of months to get down to it.

However, I got a real shock when I started on something that I believed would be straightforward. The balcony door that you see in the picture above needed door knobs on the inside. When I tried on some, the door feel off! It had been almost a year since I put in this door, and apparently I didn't glue it then. So suddenly my neat facade had a gaping hole.

Moreover, as I looked at the door, it still had the protective film! I couldn't believe my eyes. And yet there it was.

I am almost glad this happened because it would have been very difficult to remove the film and clean the panes when the door was in place. But now it's back, properly attached, and with the pair of knobs.

I have also started putting up wall lights. They are all fake. Some are just broken regular lights, some battery lights that mostly don't work, while some do. The problem with wall lights is that they typically have a self-adhesive pad that holds for a couple of weeks and then gives up.  Gluing them onto the wall even with the strongest glue doesn't work either. Not for me anyway. My solution is to glue a pushpin to the base of the light, with the strongest glue in the world: 


Then you make a hole with an awl, dip the pin and the base in your strong glue and glue it on. Now it will stay there.

I see a painting has fallen down. Another thing to take care of. There are still dozens of paintings and other ornaments I haven't put into the house. I am still making hooks for kitchen utensils. I still have the insides of the fronts to play with.

And you thought I was finished, eh?


  1. Brilliant idea using the push pins!

  2. I have used this technique for attaching shelves and other things that tend to fall off.