Sunday, 30 August 2015

Light replacement

If you read my yesterday's post you may be interested to know how I am dealing with the issues.

Firstly, of course, I removed the old lights and replaced them with LED strips. (Fortunately, I still had two left). I wasn't happy with the old lights because they were too dim. LED lights are stronger than a "normal" light would be, but I think it works better, especially in rear corridors. A bit of the mystery disappears, but you can see the details better.

A vertical shot of the rear corridor (roof removed) shows how I attached the strip and fixed the battery holder. It does not matter that the wires hang loose because they won't be visible with the roof on.

The door opens into the front corridor, and the light will thus be reflected from the back wall. I had to cut a groove in the back wall where the wires go. The battery holder is attached to the back in a fabric bag, just as I did with the lights in the main house. I may come up with a better idea, but so far it works fine.

The door to the right opens into the best kitchen, and it will be visible from the front. The corridor and the stairs are also visible from the side window. It is very difficult to take a decent picture through a window, so use your imagination.


From the front, the corridor looks like this:


Yes, I know the stair rail is crooked, but it's too late to do anything about it. The front corridor is, contrary to what I remembered, not at all finished, but this I can do after the roof is on. What I did add is a old box under the stairs. It was an empty space that just demanded something to fill it. It is casually shoved in.

The light under the stairs, only visible from the working kitchen, was both easier and more difficult to fix. It is a very small and awkward space. Originally, I worked on it before I put in the stairs, but this time I could only access it through the kitchen door. I had already a hole in the back wall which I just needed to make larger for the strip to go through. But because of the drilling, the wall was damaged. And the wire fully visible. There was no way I could hide it because I needed to place the strip behind the door.

As I said, there will only be a lateral view of this space, through the kitchen window. One in a hundred viewers might look through this window, but this viewer will see the mess and think I did a poor job.

The white square on the wall is, by the say, a piece of velcro that will hold the dresser in place. Once I have sealed the roof there will be no way I can access the dresser. So here I have tidied it up. It almost looks as if the light comes from the fake lamp. 

From the side window, you have a view, and that's the only way you can see this space.


This done, I must now repair the broken door posts and make all the final fixtures before I glue on the roof.

By the way,  I checked the assembly instructions for the basement. The roof should be glued after the interior doors! So I haven't even made the mistake I thought I had.

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