Friday, 19 June 2015

Reception room floor

I can now finally display the reception room floor bits of which I have been showing in various posts. I am very proud of this floor, not only because it was so much work, but also because I have figured out how to modify the design I have copied. In terms of time, it took me about a month, but it says nothing because of course I also did other things. But it takes 10-15 minutes to make one square, and it is probably a better indication of the effort involved. Plus endless sanding to make it smooth.


I would have never even imagined making anything like this before I got my mitre tool. Or maybe it is the other way round: I got the tool because I wanted to make this floor. In any case, when I am looking back at the very first hardwood floor I made, almost seven years ago, firstly, I wish I had invested in mitre shears then, and secondly, I have become bolder since then. I have even become bolder since I thought I would be satisfied with paper floor, which was quite recently. I guess once you have put real floors in one room you can never be happy witt anything else.

Here is the finished floor:

And with furniture, including the day bed I made earlier this week:

Remaining to do in this room is moulding and door, which I cannot do before I finish the floor in the adjacent room, which will hopefully be soon as well.

I also need to finish floors in the dining room and the upper hall. But I am very pleased with the progress I am making.


  1. Wow! The floor is lovely! I just ordered a pair of mitre shears, but am still intimidated by such a project! How about you come and build me a floor??? haha!

    1. I am sure when I have finished all mine I will be looking for commissions :-)