Thursday, 14 May 2015

Rocking chair remake

Now that I have replaced the old book case with the new one that is just half as deep, I have some space in the rear corridor. I want as many details as possible in rear corridors because it creates a sense of more space than there actually is and adds to the mystery. What else is hiding there?

There isn't a lot of space though, and it must be something compatible with a book case (I already have a painting on the wall that is only visible through the side window). A rocking chair? Would the master sit down in a rocking chair occasionally, while browsing through books?

I have had a rocking chair for a long time, don't remember where it came from; one of those Made in China pieces that are of quite good quality, but poorly finished, too glossy, too edgy. Most miniaturists are familiar with them.


I have improved several such pieces, although I have never tried to remove varnish with strong chemicals as dollhouse books suggest. I tried soaking it in white spirit, but it didn't work. I sanded as much as I could and then painted it with ordinary acrylic paint. Because of the paint undernearth it got sort of a distressed look without me doing anything about it. I tried to distress it further, but there was no point. Instead, I sanded all edges to make them more round and smooth. I coated it with oak stain. I know you are not supposed to use stain on top of paint, but I do and find it works well. I finished with a velvet seat.

I cannot say I am fully satisfied, and I probably wouldn't put this piece in a front room, but in a rear corridor where it is barely visible I think it will be fine.

Here it is in its right place. I added a bottle of wine and a glass for the master. The two giant books on the floor, that obviously don't fit into the book case, are a fascimile of the original Sherlock Holmes story from Queen Mary's dollhouse and a Latvian-English dictionary that I have transformed into a book of magic. 

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  1. The wine and rocking chair definitely bring that area alive. Well done.