Saturday, 18 January 2014

Funkis drawing room

The drawing room, which is the middle room in the funkis house, was easy to decorate since it has no complicated surfaces or corners. It took me a long time to choose wallpaper because I wanted something bright, but not too conspicuous. It is interesting that in a miniature environment conspicuous background can kill the details. Here is the before and after:

The furniture in this room is eclectic. Last summer, IKEA launched a set of miniatures that all dollhouse people eagerly bought, just to discover that it was a bizarre scale, not 1:12, not 1:10, not 1:6 either, but something in between, impossible to intergrate in any existing project.

But it is nice furniture, although not quite funkis. At least the shelf and the rug went well with my room:

The red sofa and armchair are the famous Arne Jacobsen miniatures. I have written about how I acquired the Egg chair, and soon afterwards I bought the Swan sofa from Swedish ebay for a third of the price, postage to the UK included. Never mind.

I made the tables wholly from imagination, but inspired by the pictures of funkis furniture.

I don't remember where the blue lid comes from, but the yellow and orange lids are from playdough jars.

The red lamp is a cracker. Perhaps some pictures on the walls, and it's all done.

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