Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Utensils makeover

I have shared several examples of making over various plastic and wooden things, for instance, wooden objects, jars and pots, adding labels to wooden bottles, and in fact if I think back, my very first kitchen things were plastic Barbie pots and bowls that I painted metallic.

A couple of weeks ago I bought a set of plastic kitchen things in a charity shop.


Because I have learned some lessons, the first thing I did was check whether there were any marks signalling rare collectibles, but there weren't any. I also checked with my miniature group, and nobody recognised it. (If you tell me now that it is rare collectibles, it's too late). I also consulted my group concerning the question of whether leave them as they were or paint them, for instance, copper. Leaving them as they were, I could put them in my retro house, where the kitchen is already filled with stuff, including rare collectibles, and anyway, there is more challenge in upcycling things.

It was quite clear with the bucket: I simply painted it metallic. I will probably add some rust to it. I painted the frying pan black, and after some considerations I painted the roasting pan black too. I can't remember seeing a copper roasting pan. The two other pans I painted copper on the outside and metallic on the inside, because that's what my copperware looks like.

Now all these things can go into my Victorian kitchen. It is also full of stuff, but there is room for more. The "real" copper pans, made of copper coins, are in the best kitchen, but these can go into the working kitchen. In any case, I am pleased with the result.

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  1. Genius! I have had people give me miniature things that don't necessarily work with my Colonial dolls house-I also bought things way back in the 70s without a particular style in mind-and now I can use them as well. Cant say why I didn't think of that myself-way to go.