Friday, 10 June 2016

Hepplewhite cellarette

 How many times have I said that miniature-making is highly educational? Until three weeks ago I didn't know what a cellarette was. If you think logically, a cellarette is a small (wine) cellar so it makes perfect sense. But I had never seen one in full scale. Or maybe I had, but didn't know? I don't think so because I am usually curious about strange objects in museums and ask.

Anyway, a cellarette kit was among my recent purchases, and I couldn't wait to make it. To begin with, it was quite straightforward.


Simply a box on top of a table with a drawer and a pull-out shelf.

But then the lid was supposed to be hinged. And I am not very good with hinging. Frankly, I am hopeless with hinges. Of course, one of the very first Chippendale pieces I made had hinges. But at that time I thought that handles and keyholes were more difficult. Now I started to mortice (new word! if you don't know what it means, google it) and realised I would never manage to make it neat and was about to ruin a very beautiful and rare piece. Therefore I stopped morticing and instead used a ribbon, which works just as well.

This is the finished piece. I think it is exceptionally pretty. And when you open it -


I will have to make smaller wine bottles to fit into it, but otherwise you see the point, don't you? Such an unusual piece! I will also have to make corkscrews and other implements to put in the tiny drawer. 

Since it is supposed to be movable I have simply placed it in the foreground in the dining room. I may move it to the reception room later.

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  1. I had heard of the word 'mortice' but had no idea what it involved. I now understand why you chose ribbon instead. Re your 'too big' wine bottles, I discovered the same thing. I thought that bottles that I had bought online would be to scale. Unfortunately, they are not.