Saturday, 11 June 2016

Book stands

This will be the final post in a series featuring my recent Chippendale miniatures: bed tea table, and the magnificent cellarette.

In the same bundle the cellarette came in I got several other rare kits, including a dumb waiter, a marble-top serving table, a window seat and a set of book stand and pedestal desk.

I was very excited about the book stand because I wanted a sheet music stand for my music room, and I had been planning to make one from a candle stand, but now I could use this kit. Both objects were easy to make, even the desk that involved hinges, but I have had some practice with cabinets recently so I managed elegantly.

The stand is now in the music room so that the harpist can read her score:

And the desk is temporarily in the smoking room:

There are already two desks in this room so I am not sure it is the right place. Maybe it can go into the guest bedroom or maybe in the music room as well? In any case, it is a lovely piece.

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