Saturday, 6 June 2015

Entrance hall floor

I wasn't satisfied with the shelf-lining floor in the great entrance hall because it looked like shelf lining, but I liked the pattern, so I decided to make a real floor in this pattern.

Since it would be in the same colour, I could cheat a bit and not lay the parquet bit by bit, as I have done with other floors. I glued four coffee stirrers onto a piece of paper and cut squares:

This picture shows three stages of the process: coffee stirrers glued onto paper, unstained squares and stained squares. With stain, the wood effect was highlighted.

I sanded both before and after stain, and then varnished. It took several evenings.


The border has to be finished yet, and it takes longer than the main pattern. But I like the result.


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    1. Wauw, that looks lovely. You are very patient, to make such a great floor!