Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Chippendale day bed

I have made two more pieces from my incredible Chippendale bargain. One is called a day bed, which I think is an unglamorous name for this beautiful piece, but if this is the correct term, then that's it. There isn't a lot to show because it was just like making chairs. The only tricky part was aligning the back.

As with the sofa, the fabric provided was incredibly ugly. I cannot imagine how someone making these wonderful kits has so poor taste in fabric. Luckily, I had a bit that matched the chairs.

This piece fits well with the chairs and the whole reception room.

(The floor is still not finished, but progressing).

I am less satisfied with this mirror. For some reason, it comes upside down on this page, and I cannot do anything about it. Turn your device 180 degrees.

It was very difficult to mitre, and half of the trim was broken so I have just glued on what still looked like trim. This is the only x-acto piece so far where the kit was damaged. But then I got what I paid for. Incidentally, the manual says that original Chippendale frames were asymmetrical so I can pretend it's intentional.

Anyway, I now know the difference between a mirror and a looking glass. I had always thought they were synonyms, but apparently not. A mirror is anything reflective (for instance, a bronze mirror) while a looking glass must have glass. So many useful things you learn from miniature-making.

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