Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Dining room floor

I have finished yet another floor which feels good because I've had too many unfinished projects recently. This is the dining room floor the beginning of which I showed when I started using my mitre tool. It was six weeks ago. I have been distracted by other things, including two other floors, reception room and entrance hall. But now I am finished, and of course I would have never been able to do it without mitre shears.

It was quite straightforward, just patience and more patience. Or was it? Can you notice anything peculiar about this floor? If you cannot, I have succeeded.

The thing is that the rear door won't open with the hardwood floor that is perhaps one millimetre thick. I tried sanding it down, but it didn't work. There is no way I can re-position the door without tearing down the whole wall. So instead I created an optical illusion. You need to look very, very closely to discover that the four squares on far right are partially made of paper, just to allow the door to open.

Since there will be a dining table obscuring the view nobody will ever notice it.

Now this room is also almost finished, just mouldings left. There will of course be a mirror over the mantelpiece, other ornaments, pictures, curtains and lights.

This is what it looks like in the evening:


  1. It doesn't show at all, very ingenious! Did you photocopy the wooden floor? You could photocopy the whole floor to use another time - but I know you Love using the mitre tool

  2. No, I didn't photocopy, I built it from paper strips, just as I did with the wooden strips. It was important to create the illusion. I will not photocopy because a floor like this cannot be used twice (and quite correctly, for me the point is making it myself). You can buy dozens of paper and quasi-wooden floors, but that's not what I want