Monday, 4 May 2015


Sometimes it gets really frustrating. Do you remember my splendid dining-room ceiling? As with all my ceilings, I very carefully made it before assembling the shell. But I have been messing so much with the dining room (more of which in due time) that the decoration came off.

I had good reasons for decorating ceilings before assembly. It's a h-l of a job to glue on decorations to a ceiling inside a room because of course they get unstuck under their own weight. And it isn't straightforward either, because it has to be centred for the ceiling light.

This is the point of departure, and it took me some time to get there because I had to remove everything from the floor above to fix the middle of the lace. Then I tried this and that. Both in terms of technique and glue. I didn't swear aloud because my husband gets anxious, but I swore violently inside. I was absolutely on the verge of giving up, just cutting the middle of the lace for ceiling rose and maybe some bits here and there. Then I remembered how gorgeous it looked. I didn't give up. I used masking tape, pins and wit. And tons of glue.

Now I am afraid to touch it. But I will have to, sooner or later.

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  1. Oh no! How annoying would that be to have your ceiling decoration come undone. I too would have seen red and uttered a swear word or two under my breath. It's very difficult to keep plastic stuck on with glue although I have only just read about a product called Sugru which may do the trick.