Wednesday, 13 May 2015


Every now and then I very reluctantly replace a piece of furniture that I made a long time ago with something better, either something I have have made better or bought. Each time I feel I am betraying an old friend. But sometimes it becomes inevitable. Everyone would agree that this:

looks better than this:


I mean the book case in the rear corridor of course. My old faithful book case that I made with so much care and wit eight yars ago and that I very recently attached to the wall with velcro.

But I cannot help it. I found some nice things at a charity shop today.

The lovely little perfume bottle will, I believe, make a nice table lamp. The case on the right is not to scale, and at the moment I don't know what I will do with it. But the one on the left I felt at once was going to replace the old book case.

There were some problems though. Most books in the old book case were too large. Before I had time to change my mind I took my new favourite tool and resized all books.


Some were too thick and looked unnatural so I had to tear them apart and remove some "pages". Some I had to throw away (weeping with remorse). Then I had to make some more, to fill the shelves. Most of the old books were bound in black, so this time I added green, red and blue, painting the spines with gold.

Here is the room with the new rear corridor:

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  1. Yes I can see your point, you were very brave but very right, well done.