Sunday, 26 April 2015

More "spot the difference"

I have mentioned repeatedly that it may seem odd that I keep putting objects into half-finished rooms only to remove them the next day. But if you think closer it makes sense. At each stage, I need to check what it will look like, and it is here I can spot mistakes and correct them. It isn't an option in 1:1 decoration, so there you must guess and trust your intuition. I don't mind moving things around, and I like putting everything back in the evening so that I have a nice view when I see it next morning.

So I removed everything from the smoking room to add moulding. As I was doing it, I realised that I wouldn't be able to fix skirting before I knew that the floor was right, and I wasn't sure that the adhesive lining floor was right. That's the problem: once you have started doing proper floors you aren't satisfied with half-measures. At least it didn't feel right so I tested the floor that I initially made for the nursery, but it is much too sofisticated for the nursery so I thought it would go well in the smoking room. I had to trim it a bit. The mouldings aren't fixed yet except for rails.

And then - yes, you have guessed it - I put everything back again.

This is the first room that is actually finished - apart from mouldings. I cannot yet fix the skirting because I need to attach the ceiling light in the room below, and the hole is under the floor. Apart from that, it is all done, the door surround glued, and I can start thinking what else is going into this room: pictures, ornaments. occasional tables, smoking utensils, lights. Maybe another male doll?

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