Sunday, 19 April 2015


I will now go back to the beginning of the second floor and the rear corridor even though I have shown similar pictures before. The reason I think it is important to account for some projects step by step is that, if people only see the finished room, they have no idea how much work lies behind it and how much needs to be planned and considered.

I had removed everything from this space.

The only thing I had done is fix the pictures permanently because I won't be able to do this once the partition is in place. You can also see where the LED light sits. It won't be visible through the doors.

This was the time to glue in the partition, and you know what? I decided not to. It sits quite firmly in the groove, and if I for whatever reason need to remove it I will only have to tear down the mouldings and wallpaper. I do hope this never happens. Not in my lifetime anyway.

I put in the wall and placed the furniture in the rear corridor. I have added and rearranged the ornaments on the chests. I visited a stately home last weekend and noticed, once again, how crammed chests and dressers were.

Then I put in the middle partition and of course noticed that the edge needed painting. These are the small details you discover as you go, and it makes sense to paint the edge before putting in the wallpaper.

I made the bathroom tiles more than half a year ago.  This sets the whole project in perspective. Now they are finally in place.

But there are still several things to do. For instance, door posts. In the adjacent room I could do this on flat surface because the wallpaper was already done, but here I had to do it afterwards. Another argument for doing as much as possible on flat surfaces! Frankly, I don't know how you can do all decoration after assembly. But I have a bad shoulder.

That done, compare the difference.

The next step is moulding. Now, it isn't my strong side. I have never figured out how to mitre cornices, and I think I won't bother.


The cornices are white-tacked so far because there is yet another detail I need to decide on. I won't have skirting on the back wall because it will be hidden by a dresser.

Now some objects to get the general idea.


The whole project, from the first picture above to the last, including painting the mouldinds, has taken six hours.

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